Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea!

If I try to do anything for my loyal readers, it's provide a service. Whether it's with a recipe, a knowing smile, or helping you to walk your groceries to your car and accidentally rubbing my fingers on your lady-dent, I try to help. Therefore, I know some of you still haven't completed your Christmas shopping and still need ideas and that's what I shall provide.

Take a sheet of paper, draw a dot and write the recipient's name beneath it. Now, fill the page with a bunch of other, smaller, less dazzling dots. Hand this to the person explaining to them that you have just named a star after them. When they inevitably exclaim, "But, wait. You just drew this. I watched you and you asked to borrow a pen. That isn't what space looks like." Say, "How do you know? Have you seen all of it?" At this point, they know that you've given them a true gift: the gift of knowledge.

Merry Christmas, everybody! And god bless us, everyone. I'm kidding. He doesn't exist.

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