Tuesday, August 31, 2004

You're the Meaning In My Life, You're the Inspiration

I was struck by inspiration the other day while relaxing with my girlfriend. I just heard this song in my head and had to get it out as soon as I could. A word of warning, it's me singing and performing it, so it's not professional by any means and, also, the quality of the file is kind of shitty. Deal with it.

Edit from the future: I've since re-recorded the song so the quality is better. That can be found here.

My Girlfriend

I may not update for a few days just to leave this visible to new people if this catches on. If not, I'll delete this and make a ritual sacrifice of one severed penis to the Gods of shitty acoustic music.


Flesh said...


this one girl.... said...

that was hilarious... but, your voice sucks. sorry! nonetheless, it was funny :)

Jimbo the Angry Clown said...


That is so sweet that you would make a song about Peggy like that. I mean, after all the years that you have been together and all of the things that you have been through, it is obvious that you really do still care about her.

Remember these events? I sure do........

Spring, 1995 - You and Peggy meet at the Easter dance put on by the local Elks lodge. You looked so grown up with that suit and tie. And she had that cute little smile with the drool running down her chin. She was even wearing her dress-up-helmet. (I am tearing up just thinking about it)

Summer, 1997 - Peggy gets her meds leveled out. Before that day, you had confided in me that you thought she was just another "flesh pocket" to put your "purple helmeted warior" in. But you realized that she was a real woman with a really nice set of jugs when she could sit up right.

Christmas, 2001 - You knit Peggy a new sweater. You even thought to make the neck extra big to fit over her enormous watermelon of a head.

and fast forward to this past summer......

The way that you load Peggy up in the car and drive her around everywhere. You never leave her home alone. Even when you go out to the clubs at night to hook up with girls that you can get a BJ from without worrying if she might bite down like a vise by mistake, you let her sit in the car and wait for you. Even leaving the windows cracked and making sure that she has a fresh bowl of water.

Well, I hope that tehse are just a few of your fondest memories and that you are now ready to make more with that "special" girl of yours.

PS - I will be over later to help you change the papers in her cage.

theFrog said...

Great song. I was completely and utterly moved to tears. It's like, Michael Bolton and John Tesh all rolled up in a big burrito.

For it to REALLY take off, you need to learn how to flash-animate, make a video for it and submit it to Newgrounds. Either that, or con someone else who's really good at flash-animation to make a video for you (but then, you'd have to share the spot-light, which is lame). I'd volunteer to make the video for you, but, alas, my flash-animation skillz would make people wonder if I was the subject of the video.

A-Dog said...

Now that's some funny shit.

Anonymous said...

and she was like oh no you didn't!!