Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Best Of: Me!

Well, this isn't exactly a "Best Of," I just re-recorded my "Girlfriend" song so the quality is much better now. Only 13 months later!

For those that don't know, I posture a lot on this website about what a hard ass I am, but, deep down, I'm just a sentimental guy. I decided that, with what limited musical ability I possess, I should write my girlfriend a love song and shout it out to anybody who would listen. And, as an anniversary present, I promised her that I would re-release it. I may be hitting the studio with the Neptunes to record a remix as well.

Very little has changed in the actual song aside from an intro and two lines in a later verse. It's still me singing and performing it, so it definitely has that going against it, but at least it doesn't sound like I'm performing it beneath high voltage lines anymore.

Enjoy, ladies.

My Girlfriend (re-record)

Interesting thought of the day:
I'll definitely be getting some tonight!


eob said...

That is the sweetest tribute ever. You really are a softy, Kurt. It's great to see that in this crazy world two people can still make that most blessed of connections. That being the Rainbow Connection.

this one girl.... said...

hehehe... i'm going to fight your girl so i can have you. when i'm your girl, i want you to write a song about me that is as sweet and loving as that one... oh, i'm so jealous!

deleted said...

i can't access it. boo