Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Show Must Go On!

In an extraordinary display of resilience, the Iraqi people have shown that they may have been down, but they are not out. To demonstrate this fighting spirit, the Iraqis got their execution on for the first time since Saddam Hussein's removal.

They didn't even ease into it, either. They killed three bastards at once! I believe that this is their way of paying homage to their new leader, George W. Bush. One of the guys was even retarded--his favorite!

I read somewhere completely fictional that the executions indicate that they are close to finally getting their long overdue constitution ready for approval. It's kind of like how the Catholics let people know that they had elected a new Pope, except a little more Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and a little less Back to the Future 3.

I received an early copy of the Constitution and, contrary to what a lot of naysayers may try to have you believe, it is not completely unfair toward women. It clearly states that women get a warning before they are beheaded for showing eyebrow in public. See? Nothing to worry about.

Interesting thought of the day:
Rhombuses are the Amish of the geometry world.

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