Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Naps are great. Sometimes I'll take like four in a day just because I can. Sometimes, when I'm napping, I dream about taking more naps. There are times when I'm lying there, napping, and I'm struck with the thought, what are you doing here napping when you could be out doing something, but then, at the mere thought of the absurdity of the question, it exits my mind.

You know what else I like? Of course you do, you're me, the only person who reads this. Well, I'll put it in type just in case you ever forget what I like. I really like lesbians. They are awesome. Granted, only the good-looking lesbians are what I'm really interested in, but lesbians in general are just awesome. They have so much going for them. I mean, the fact that they have the same pieces as the other person they're with, yet they still want to touch/fondle/caress/lick/burn/bite those other person's parts is so respectable. Then, couple that with the fact that they put these things on video for so many of us to see, I mean, they have to be the most giving people in the world. In fact, I'm fairly positive that all lesbians should be put up for Nobel Peace Prizes. As we speak (and remember, when I say 'we' I mean me and me since nobody else reads this) I'm busy writing a letter to the Council That Decides Who Should Win Noble Peace Prizes (you think they'd make that more succinct) about this whole idea.

By the way, if you are reading this (anybody but me, somebody I don't know preferably), send me an email and let me know just how awful all of this is.

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