Sunday, April 25, 2004

Amputees On the Brain!

Last week I had two dreams on two consecutive nights about amputees. They were both in the third person too. I wasn't a part of either of them. I think that shows that I have so little self-esteem that I don't even include myself in my dreams. In the first dream the guy from "Ed" was an amputee missing his legs Lieutenant Dan-style. But in the second dream, the next night, some girl that was in a couple of my classes in the Fall Quarter was an amputee. Instead of missing her entire legs, though, she was just missing her feet. Then, instead of feet she had wheels --like wagon wheels, one for each leg. She zipped around on the ground like Rosie from the "Jetsons."

If it came down to it, I'd fist-fight an amputee. Not that I think it would ever happen, but I'm not about to stop my passion in life, hardcore Brazillian Street Fighting, just because you're missing an arm or foot or whatever. Go cry to somebody who doesn't have your leg and stump in an Armenian double-folded chicken gizzard hold. I think the only way that they'd get me off of them is if they touched me with the stump or made me look at it really close. I might be able to deal with it if they touched me through clothing, but if it was skin-on-skin, I'd definitely have to back off.

That's all I've got. Tonight I dream of butterflies and all the pancakes I can eat!

Email me with question, comments, suggestions, or to tell me that you're an amputee and you're typing to me through your special, left-hand-only keyboard.

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