Monday, November 20, 2006

The Laugh Plantation!

Michael Richards, Kramer from television's Seinfeld, finally took the post-Seinfeld downward spiral of his career into his own hands over the weekend with a stand-up comedy routine at The Laugh Factory in which he dropped the N-bomb over and over again while also possibly inciting a lynching.
Now that's what I want from my former television stars. You hear me, Jason Alexander? I don't want Bob Patterson and Listen Up from you after Seinfeld. I want three minutes of unadulterated racism. You know who's had a free ride too long, Jason? The Chinese. I've booked you 10 minutes at Wok and LOL in Chinatown to ensure you've got the proper audience. Now, remember, Chinks are the Chinese, Gooks are Koreans, Japs are Japanese. Keep them straight and I'll see you on YouTube.

1 comment:

eob said...

Gooks are Korean? I always thought gooks was an all-encompassing term for anyone with funny eyes. Guess that would be slope. Huh, you learn something new everyday.