Friday, May 06, 2005


Remember, a couple of days ago, when I said how I had a job working at a production company? Well, that was before I actually started the job. See, after working there for only two days, it was obvious that being told to clean the bathroom and track down a tire for the president's truck which had a flat wasn't exactly the route I was willing to go as a 26-year-old college graduate for less than $10 an hour at around 60 hours a week in order to get where I want to be. I won't say the name of the company, but it sure was no "Dream" "Work"ing there.

The only cool thing was that, since it was on the Universal lot, I was able to drive around the lot in a golf cart and head over to Amblin (Steven Spielberg's studios). That place was ridiculously cool looking.

On my first day there, I was told to take my own truck (something that they never told me in the interview I would have to do--I specifically looked for jobs where I would not have to do this kind of work), and drop off some DVDs for one of the executives of my company. They were in a meeting with Xzibit, so I got to see him laugh at me as I interrupted the meeting.

It was one of the most disappointing experiences of my life. I was under the impression that I was actually going to have a hand in the production of television shows that this "Dream" of a company produced. It turned out, though, that I had to make sure that I TiVo'd American Idol so that one of the presidents of the main company (I'll call him Shmeffrey Shmatzenberg) could watch it. Maybe I'm naive, conceited, or whatever, but it just seems odd that they would have a college graduate and all around raconteur like myself doing something that KoKo the signing gorilla could do (and wouldn't get yelled at for doing it all with a raging erection).

It was just absolutely nothing like I expected and, in fact, kind of leaves me at a crossroads. I don't know which direction to head from here because, while I know this is not the only way to get a job writing somewhere, it is disappointing to learn that this is the type of job that they offer somebody who has graduated from college. The work that I was to do there wasn't entry-level in the sense of a recent college graduate, it was entry-level in the sense of a recently-graduated Special Ed student.

Anyway, so that's my story and I, once again, am unemployed. I'm not sure where to look from here or what to do. If anybody has any thoughts or ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Interesting thought of the day:
All leather jackets in Canada are made from 100% Canadian Bacon (the John Candy movie, not the meat).


Anonymous said...

I know I'm supposed to give advice, but instead I'm going to ask questions.

How often do you write? (not this blog shit either, it's funny, but I'm talking about stuff you could theoretically submit for publication) How often do you submit what you've writen for publication?

My theory is, and it makes sense to me though it may have no basis in reality, is that you're a lot less likely to get special-ed level jobs at production companies if you're a published author and a college grad.

I've read your resume and I don't recal anything in there saying you've been published before, so to me that would be the next logical step.

Katie said...

I'm not going to pretend to give you advice either, but I jsut wanted to say that your misfortunes made me laugh hard, so thank you. I think it's great you didn't drop the name of the company you worked for, because that would be a nightmare, not a dream, if they found this. I'm sure you'll find another job soon. I graduate next year, so I'll be in this same position next year. Good luck ont he hunt.

deleted said...

hey kurt. its karma. you've not blogged a long time. depriving me and other blogders of yours some life. thus your unemployment. haha. ok man. that job did not sound cool but the place sounds great. cant you sit around in the bars and cafes,make friends and eventually have a contact that may help you in one way or another. do what you are born to do. bum around!