Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where have you been?

So I haven't written a lot lately. My bad, sweetheart. It doesn't mean I don't love you. It's just, sometimes you make me so angry and I have to punch you to let you know that I'm mad. If I just tell you, I don't think you quite understand how angry you make me.

Anyway. I've been busy getting a job. I don't know if I can specify exactly where it is, but it's for a pretty big production company. Right now the pay is less than I was making sitting at home doing nothing, but at least it's a foot* in the door**.

That doesn't mean I shouldn't have been writing--I've just been sitting at home waiting to hear--I was just too preoccupied. I'm getting ready to leave in a little bit to stay at a friend's house in LA for the next couple of days until the weekend when, hopefully, I'll go out and find a place to live.

Once I get settled there, I should be back to writing this thing with lots of new adventures (I can't wait until I get to tell the story about how Hollywood touched my balls).


Interesting thought of the day:
Glaciers are evidence that the ocean is just one big-ass oversalted margarita. The lime can be found wedged onto the north coast of Alaska.

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