Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Look Who's Talking (about maybe touching another dude's balls)!

Okay, so there's this. Apparently a picture was taken, as you can see, of John Travolta sharing a kiss with his "man-friend." Now, not that there's anything wrong with being a gay, but I must do this.

I've decided to have my own headline contest concerning Mr. Travolta's questionable sexuality using plays on his television and movie titles.

  • Get Shorty! Indeed! (When you say "Indeed" you raise your eyebrows suggestively and maybe drink out of a straw)
  • Battlefield Girth
  • Suck Face/Off (okay, I just needed more of them)
  • Gulp Friction
  • Grease!

And, finally, the only reason I even made this post...
  • The Boy in Elastic Butthole
Also, any comments on the new blog layout? I can always change it back if it frightens you.


Buttics said...

Kinda frightens me. I feel like this blog should be about your new baby boy. Then again, I guess with the blog about John's new baby boy, it kinda makes sense.

Phil said...

I think I prefer the old layout, but this one may grow on me.

How about: "The General's Son" or perhaps "Gay Phenomenon"