Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Fonzie of Urination!

This entry is mostly for guys--or girls who pee while standing up.

Have you ever had the distinct pleasure of urinating in a toilet with a mirror behind it so that you can watch yourself pee? This is interesting to me because it makes me think, So this is what I look like when I'm peeing on somebody. But then I start to wonder if it's actually what I look like or if it's my cool peeing stance that I do subconsciously because I know a mirror is there.

If this keeps up, though, I'm going to have to have a mirror with me whenever I pee because I couldn't stand the fact that I don't look fucking bad-ass when I'm taking a leak anywhere. I really do look cool. I might as well have a leather jacket on my cock and Pinky Tuscadero by my side as I piss.

I wonder if this works the same for girls. Most times the mirror won't be low enough, or it will be behind them, but I challenge all you ladies who read this. I want you all to watch yourself go to the bathroom and see if you look cool. My guess is that you won't because you'll be too busy trying to maintain your balance as you squat backward on the toilet. Maybe you should just stand straight up and get the little thing that catches the fat on the George Foreman Grill and put that underneath your pee spigot and let it flow off into the toilet. That would probably look wicked awesome.

A little something for the ladies:
If an OBGYN licks his forceps when he's done, don't get grossed out; it's a sign of respect that they learn in Medical School.

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deleted said...

my god!!! no lady pees standing up la please!!