Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Eye Eye, Captain!

Something strange happened today at school, or as I call it, school. I was sitting in the library being a complete fucking dork when this girl (not attractive, just a girl) went to sit across from me. As is my habit, I go to look up at what's sitting down across from me and her eyes met mine. Now, normally when this happens, the person who was caught looking, her, would stop staring--but she didn't. She defied the laws of personal etiquette. I ended up having to look away while the psycho girl sitting down across from me kept looking. I don't think that she was checking me out; I'm not saying that. I just think that she has no concept that other people can see her looking at them. I think she must believe that she's wearing some sunglasses or that she's invisible (I know I do sometimes--I'm still not allowed in the boys bathrooms at the Elementary School across the street), because she defied all the rules of eye contact.

I slept for twelve and a half hours last night because I'm sick. That's disgusting. I don't think a person should be allowed to sleep more than they're awake in a day without being declared legally dead or a kitten.

The final presidential debate is tomorrow night. Let's hope that this time Bush decides not to wear a wire. Some people think that he was getting prompted from Carl Rove or somebody much smarter than he, but I don't think he's bright enough to do something like that. I think that he just feels more comfortable when he can listen to his Raffi music from his iPod during the debate. If you watch carefully, you can see bush singing his ABC's, giggling, and drooling. Never mind. I think that would account for almost all his public appearances. After Bush loses the debate tomorrow night, I'll bet that the "terror alert" level gets raised to puce, mauve, or manila--whatever means that it's higher than before.

By the way, the greatest new show on television is Lost, it's on tomorrow (Wednesday) night on ABC right after the debate. You should watch it if you enjoy things that are enjoyable.

Interesting thought of the day:
The taste of mucous in one's throat never gets old. It's like the Everlasting Gobstopper Lozenge of Phlegm.

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whore said...

u remind me of eminem's new song.. 'just lose it'..