Sunday, October 17, 2004

Poor Red Sox!

The Red Sox just won game four of the American League Championship Series to keep them alive in the series. Don't they know that they will never win? It's not that I hate the Red Sox--I actually hate the Yankees--but the Red Sox just can't win. They fall short more often than a group of skydiving midgets. Man, that was a stretch.

Honestly, though, if they would have lost this game, thus losing the series, the Red Sox and their fans wouldn't have the elation of even having a glimmer of hope. But, it is a pretty common thing in the Red Sox lineage to give hope only to snatch it away in the most horrible way. Tomorrow, or whenever they do eventually lose the series, it's not just going to be a loss, something really ugly's going to happen. They'll either pull a Bill Buckner (for those that don't know, he lost the World Series by having the ball roll through his legs in the ninth inning), or something even worse is going to happen, like a damn sniper attack or a polar bear will get let loose in the stadium and murder (coincidentally, also by sniping) all the Red Sox players.

Driving home today, I was going underneath a lot of overpasses (because my Go-Go-Gadget stilts weren't working on my car), and I thought of something that I really, really want to do. Before an overpass comes up on the freeway, there's a sign indicating how much room there is for clearance so trucks have time to get off and go around if they're too tall. Well, I want to close down the freeway one night and raise the level of the freeway by about a foot. It'd be quite an undertaking, but I just really want to see a truck slam the piss out of the overpass. Maybe this is because I'm a horrible human being. I think it's also an indication of what a bad person I am that I wish the back of the truck that hits it would be filled with lots of babies.

Interesting thought of the day:
Drinking and driving is bad, but drinking and peeing is counterproductive.

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Anonymous said...

I've often worried when driving behind a semi truck that the trailer would hit the overpass and I'd end up with lap-full of trailer roof. Then I realized that my chances of living more than a few seconds beyond the roof slamming into my windshield and then into my face wasn't very likely, I quit worrying so much. I figure if I'm dead, I probably won't care.