Thursday, March 30, 2006

Let Me See That Soooooong!

"American Idol" is in full swing and it led me to, once again, exercise my musical ability. This time, however, I haven't actually written any of these songs. These are all simply suggestions of song titles which I believe should be the first single released by whomever wins the show.

  • You're Just Jealous of my Tearaway Pants
  • I Didn't Want to Date You Anyway, Girl--You're Probably Terrible at Halo 2
  • Second Cousins, First Love
  • Rabies Ain't an STD (So D-O M-E)
  • I Karate Chopped a Tree In Half, I'm Just Sayin'
  • Riding through the Clouds on My Flying Bicycle Made of Meat
  • That's Right, Pillowfight (Aryan Nation Theme Song)
  • There's a Pudding in my Lunch Box! (Fuck your Fruit Roll Ups)
  • The Eight-Pound Tumor (Ode to My Newborn Son)
  • The Cryogenically Frozen Head on my Nightstand
  • Shit-Sneeze
  • Your Memory Loss, My Gain
  • If Jesus Was Around, He Would Want to Fuck You

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