Monday, April 03, 2006

We Interrupt...

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blog post to bring you a picture made months ago that was never posted of Optimus Prime fucking a bulldozer in a junkyard. We now return you to the blog post already in progress.

...and even though she was retarded, and I probably should have known better, I proceeded to make sweet, sweet love to her until I was sure that the moans coming from her mouth were from ecstasy and not just your random, run-of-the-mill retard moans.

I almost deleted that because it was too mean. But then I figured, since I had already thought of it and typed it, it was out in the ethos. There could be no coming back from it. Now you're all just as guilty as I am because you read it and you sort of laughed, perhaps. You heartless sons of bitches.

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