Monday, June 07, 2004

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

As one of my thousands --nay, hundreds--of adoring fans commented, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony got married on Saturday. Now, people celebrate things differently, but I thought that it was in really bad taste for them to ring in the passing of Ronald Reagan with a wedding. Isn't that just throwing it in Nancy's face, really? I'm sure I'm not going to be the first or the last person to give her heat for this. I mean, I'm sure that this one is going to be forever because she has gone on record as saying that once she gets married, it's for life --but it's still in bad taste.

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, I don't know if you were as floored as I was by it, but I was devastated. This is the most shocking death since Bob Hope. Not since George Burns before him has a death come so unexpectedly. It's a sad state of affairs in society when these people are struck down in the prime of their youth. I don't quite remember, but I think that George Burns was killed while snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies. And, sadly, as everybody can remember, Bob Hope was BASE jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge when his chute got tangled and he plummeted to his death. Then, finally, on Saturday, The Gipper was killed when, while juggling, one of his seven burning chainsaws was misthrown and crashed directly onto his scalp. It's just sad. These people are just doing what they love, experiencing life to its fullest, not sitting on some bed rotting away somewhere in a hospital, and BLAM, out of nowhere. It's just tragic. Unexpected and tragic.

Well, I just finished writing an awesome nine-page paper about Fight Club so I figured I'd drop a deuce on my weblog here.

Interesting thought of the day:
Sarcasm is lost on 75% of all people --including you.

Curds, whey.

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