Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Two Days In a Row!

Today went well. Only one real producer actually showed up so it wasn't as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. He wasn't there to buy anything, but everybody agreed that my pitch went the best, so that felt good.

Enough of me making myself feel good.

I'm so much of a spaz, that I pulled a Sammy Sosa today.

I was laying on my bed, watching the Pistons-Pacers game and I had to sneeze. I was on my side, with my left arm bent, propping up my head (so I was looking sexy as hell). I sneezed and it forced my arm into a weird position, something popped and I'm not sure if it's still out of the socket, but it hurts so bad. My rotator cuff is all messed up. I took some Darvacet because it's a muscle relaxant, but I don't even feel any different. The old Indian Chief sitting in a bed of fire in my room making copies of the Sunday comics with Silly Putty seems a little strange, but I figured that my room just got rented out. It still hurts, though. I'm such a little girl. I can't believe I'm so inactive that I got hurt sneezing.

Interesting thought of the day:
There aren't actually giant black lines seperating each state like it shows on maps; those are just there for reference.

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BreAnna said...

I was stunned to find no giant black lines between states, as well. However, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Stockton, CA are surrounded by electric fences. Nobody wants to go there, but once you get in you'll never leave, except in death by electrocution. So watch out!!