Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hallmarky Mark and the Funky Bunch!

I've decided to fill a hole that I've noticed in the greeting card market by creating my own line of cards. I've found myself in a few situations recently where I've needed a card to say something, but when I look for a card, the perfect one isn't there.

Some of you may need this one for the coming weeks, so feel free to print this out and use it.FrontInside

This next one will be more useful when, within the next few years, the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and abortions are made illegal.FrontInside

And, finally, I'm surprised that this one isn't on the market already what with all the news stories I've been hearing about this.FrontInside

Maybe I'll be making some more cards in the future as the situations arise.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!! But I've got the best Valentine's Day card of them all... that is... until I burn it as I've been instructed to do...

Phil said...

Why is the baby in garbage can wearing a hat? A hat that looks strangely similar to a civil war era army hat... lol.

p.s. these fucking strings of random letters you have to type in to post is upsetting.

Kurt said...

Sorry about those letters, but I have to have them. Otherwise, if I don't, I am spammed constantly by tons of programs that want to up their google search rating.

Just make a game out of it and then it's nothing to worry about. For instance, my letters right now are eufomg. I'll make a fun sentence out of it.

Everybody under four off of my gonads!

Fun! And snap! the job's a game.

Kurt said...

Oh, also, the baby in the garbage can is wearing a hat because a picture of a baby in a garbage can is much less disturbing if said baby is wearing fancy attire.

Uogod: Uncle Otis guts our dad.

Buttics said...

I have nothing to post but my word verification seemed appropriate.


Why criticize Ralph's mother fucking hat?

Freakazojd said...

Love the cards. So inappropriate and so fucking hilarious.

You Do Fornicate In Little Niches, Mein Kinderlein.