Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hit My Baby One More Time!

Most of you have probably heard by now that Britney Spears has made the news because she was photographed giving her new baby driving lessons.
Many people have expressed outrage that she would put her child in such a precarious situation, but she claims that she was actually protecting her baby by putting him on her lap instead of a carseat. It's the same way that I protect delicious milkshakes by drinking them before they melt.

This is not the first time that she has done something like this where she is photographed putting her child in what some may deem as an unsafe situation. I've been lucky enough to come across a few pictures where young Sean Preston is seemingly put in harm's way.

In the following photo, you can see that just because you have a new son doesn't mean you shouldn't use the complimentary scuba diving lessons that you got in your Grammy gift bag.She's rich, maybe she should have sprung for the extra set of equipment. Or he was born with gills. With Kevin Federline's genes, I wouldn't put that past him.

The next picture was obviously taken soon after her son was born.But, I have to stick up for Britney on this one. She's obviously taken every precaution she can to ensure his safety. He has his own parachute made out of a plastic bag and she's written on him in marker or the stuff they make Henna tattoos from that "If found please return to Britney Spears." Good enough for me.

And, finally, I can't come to her defense on this next one. Here we see her baby sitting next to an angry bear that she's poking in the neck with a stick.Now that's just irresponsible.


Phil said...

The Slim-Jims - omg - too funny.

Carl Click said...

I like the K-FED tattoo.

Freakazojd said...

Heh. I want to make a joke, but I knew a girl who did the same thing (driving with her baby in her lap, not the poking a bear business) and it just makes me mad. I mean, how stupid do you have to be in order to do something like that?! Seriously, Twitney. Come on.

(John Bitch-Slapped Peter's Nurse)

Scarlet said...

Haha! Loves it.

Anonymous said...

booo! Slacker! Post something new!

Kurt said...

I will. I was fiddling with my computer the past couple of days so I was kind of out of commission.