Sunday, September 24, 2006


If I ever opened up a comedy club in the Middle East, that's what I would call it: Jihahads.

There's a car dealership in Columbus, Ohio after my own heart. Apparently they're advertising "Fatwa Friday" when they'll declare a "jihad on the US auto market."

I don't see why people are so upset about this. From what I remember, there have been much more insensitive advertising campaigns.

There was the "Your Mother Is a Cunt, So Buy That Cunt the Douche She Deserves This Christmas" Holiday advertising campaign by Summer's Eve. I don't even know why they would advertise douche as a Christmas gift, let alone one that a child would buy his or her mother. But, I don't know much about the advertising world.

Then there was the car company in the 1960s who was cashing in on the Civil Rights movement with this: "Tired of sitting in the back, darkies? With our Honda motorcycles, you'll always sit up front. Free fire hose-repellant umbrella with every purchase."

But, I think the worst advertising in recent history has to have taken place in the early 1940s. Though, I have to give them credit for creativity. There was a German bagel company which sold bagels like fortune cookies. Inside each one was a note you were supposed to save and read at the end of your meal. Once unrolled, it read, "These bagels were baked with loving care in the same General Electric oven as your grandfather. Our secret ingredient? Real Jew tears."


eob said...

... wow ... that's alot of hate

Phil said...

Thanks, Kurt. You almost offended me for a minute there and made me forget, if only briefly, that I'm a white male and should feel terrible for what I am.

danielle said...

I...I...Oh my God.