Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Insane in the Domain!

So, I bought the domain name You can now use this to advertise my weblog if you want. It just redirects to this page, but it's much less confusing than

And, remember the best way to advertise my site. Yell out, "Don't read this weblog dot com!" and then punch whomever you're talking to in the face/throat/neck. My website will make its way onto police reports around the country!

"So, tell me what happened."

"This guy who I've never seen before walked up to me, asked me what time it was, yelled out, 'Don't read this weblog dot com!' and then he karate chopped me in the clavicle."

I want to see that description on within a month please.

I would like to be regaled with tales of how you are getting the word out about my site. Photographic evidence and/or links to the website where this happened would be greatly appreciated in the Comments section.


King Bastard said...

Congratulations -- that just rocks.

Phil said...

Are you still planning on doing anything with your unicorn parade site?

Also, I fucking hate Marmaduke and Cathy so I'm fairly certain that you should do an, "I Hate Comics" on them.

Kurt said...

As far as Unicorn Parade goes, that's on the back burner because I didn't realize that in order to create graphics for a website, one must have some artistic ability. Also, I can't quite figure out what exactly to do with it.

I do have another domain in my sights now, though, but it will mostly just be a one-note joke. It would exist solely really in hopes that people would pass it around and I would tag advertisement for this blog on it. I've actually been actively working on that one, it's just going to take a while to flesh out all the ideas.

And, as far as Cathy goes, I completely agree. I've actually had a couple of Cathy comics in my sights, but I couldn't quite figure out the best way to fuck with it. And I've been fortunate enough not to have much interaction with Marmaduke in my life, but ask and you shall receive. I'll try to do a 'Duke (what all the cool kids call it) next week.

NotCarrie said...

K, I just hit someone...