Thursday, August 04, 2005

Male Fraud!

A couple of years ago, I found a site that was giving away free subscriptions to FHM and Maxim. Because I have a penis, I decided that I would take them up on this offer. Since I've recently moved, I've been receiving all my mail with those yellow change-of-address stickers on them. Normally they're placed inconspicuously along side the old address.

Not this time.
That's where it is. Somebody at the Post Office decided that my own magazine was much too "hot" for me to look at and, therefore, had to do something about it. Heaven forbid they cover up the part that says "Tall tales from the World Series of Poker" or else I may not open it up to read the story (the thing I do first with every issue of FHM or Maxim).

I hope that the Post Office decides to do this to everybody and not just me.
They got him! They got him! Who the fuck did they get? The guy who, single-handedly, was keeping the ZZ Top beard alive? The homeless guy who was sneaking inside the Time offices and stealing Jason's food from the refrigerator? Yeah. That's probably it.
Now they're just getting ridiculous. How do they even do that with the sticker? And it's in really poor taste. In this case, I think the change-of-address label actually makes the cover more powerful.

Fuck the Post Office with a lava-filled dildo (yet another phrase I can add to the list of "Things That, When Put Into Google, Yield Only My Site (give it a few days)").

On a competely different note, I think I'm going to grow some old-timey muttonchops. If they turn out okay (and by okay I mean that I wouldn't look out of place holding a musket in one hand and my half-slave baby in the other), I'll post some pictures.

Interesting thought of the day:
Rainbows are a natural phenomenon occuring when an Angel commits suicide.

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Drew said...

Mutton chops rule! If I were president, 'thigh ticklers' would be mandatory!!!