Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Website Can Beat Up Your Website!

So, I decided on a domain name for my new website. For now, it just redirects to this weblog since I don't have anything going on over there yet. I mentioned that I may be buying two domains, but I couldn't convince myself that I needed two, so I just got one.

Now, the reason I decided on this one is because I thought it was funny, but it wasn't offensive (something I wanted to have in case I ever needed to use my email from there for anything). It kind of presents a dichotomy insofar as what the content of the website is as opposed to the name.

So, without further ado, because I'm always getting caught up in my ados, I give to you

I'm hoping to turn it into an all-out comedy website, that's why I didn't go with something with a more blog-based name. I'm hoping to have a forum where people can act like idiots, not just me, have some funny videos I make (or you make), pictures, songs, whatever.

If anybody has any suggestions of things they'd like to see, let me know; I'm completely open right now. And I don't mean suggestions like, "more crotch shots" or "how's abouts you getting some AIDS all up in ya."

Anyway, comment and let me know if you like the name, don't like it, suggestions for the content, or whatever.

Interesting thought of the day:
If you microwave a jar of strawberry jelly for 30 seconds on medium and you have sex with it, it feels exactly like having sex with a woman and looks exactly like having sex with a jar of strawberry jelly.


deleted said...

well. i have been an extremely loyal reader of yours. and i would like to see some personal entries. not that you have to forsake your writing style while doing that. anyway, im not doubting that you pissed at a homeless man holding a balloon.

eob said...

LESS crotch shots.

Buttics said...

Lots more chops pics that we can ridicule until our tongues bleed and your ego shrivels.

Definately more pop culture and headlining news rants. Always the best.

Mo-tarded said...

I love you just the way your.

Drew said...

Unicorn Parade huh?

I like it. It guarantees plenty of accidental traffic from 6 year old girls without the cumbersome legal liability of advertising during Dora the Explorer.