Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Hey I herd theyre's a new movie comeing out called King Kong! It's about a big munkey that steels a white gurl and climes up to teh top of the Umpire State Biulding. I'll bet you that he has a huge ballz and pen15. LOL!

He's all "Oooh ooh, I'm a munkey and I'm going to fuk a white gurl." And she's all "You probly are like so sexy and teh fuk me." :) ROFLMAO!

Then they totally do it on top of the biulding when eveverybody watches and she maybe gets pregnant and has a half munkey half person baby that is borned on top of the Umpire Biulding. The white gurl is all scared of it becuz it has balls and feet like a teh gorrilla but it has a face like a twizzler wherewoolf gun human.

This gurl in my class named Jessica touched my hand 2day. It was way awsome. I was sitting behind her in algebra class just looking at how kewl her hair wuz and she reached back and grabbed my hand. Maybe I wuz petting it and licking it and she turned around to tell me to cut it out but if I wuz touching and licking it it was a total accedent (and also tasted just like appels).

I no that all of u guys, my friends, here on teh Battlestar Galactica fan website are probly going 2 say something liek "Y dont u ask her out?"

I did ask her out. I said to her "Jessica you remind me of 7 of 9 from Deep Space Nine and maybe you should go with me 2 c king kong this weekend. That fuking gorrilla probly has some huge ballz." I LOLd here and I think she wud of to but she couldnt becuz it's hard to laff and scream at teh same time.

And I relly think she wud of gone with me if I didnt scratch my face when I asked her and make a couple of my zits bleed and stik to her hair.

Watever. I met a relly cool gurl in a chat room teh other nite any way and I'm probly going to have sex with her n e way. She said that she's a cheerleader at this other school near me. And to top it off she lives in her own house witch I'm going to this weekend. She says that her dad will pick me up in a white van. Her dad is so cool too becuz he noes that his dauhgter is going to have sex with me and told me that I don't even need to wear any clothes to teh van.

I'll let u guys no how it goes. I'm physked!


Krusty said...

its like something my brother wrote

Phil said...

Hillarious, yet surprisingly creepy... kind of like you.

Buttics said...

You pulled this off someone else's blog, didn't you?