Friday, December 16, 2005

What Sound Does Email Make?

Apparently, it's a clap.

There's a new service out that lets a person anonymously inform somebody that they may be infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

While they haven't settled on a name just yet, they do have a few ideas: Syph Happens, "You've Got Crabs," and Gonnor-email.

I'm all for keeping people safe from spreading diseases that they may not know they have, but I just don't think they're going about it in a very tactful manner. This is a sample of one of their emails informing a woman that she may have been infected with gonnorhea from a man.There's also this one, and I'm not even sure what circumstances call for its use.Of course, the service has great potential to be abused (just like a stripper). But, they believe that it's better for somebody to receive an email warning them that they may have something in order to get themselves checked (and subsequently removed from the monastery) and be on the safe side.

A flood of emails have automatically been sent out to every email address containing certain terms: "hotboy," "69," "cockbiter," "daddysgirl," "whore," "sweet," "ready," and "fuckhole." So I got about 30 of these emails today. I don't think I should use my address anymore.

I did get a pretty disturbing email from this company, though. I'm not exactly sure what it's implying.I'm hoping that this actually starts a trend of giving difficult news anonymously via email. If it does, I have a couple of ideas.And this one.Interesting thought of the day:
That rattling sound you hear in a Hula Hoop is bits of petrified kitten brain.


eob said...

Hopefully they'll expand their services to include death notices. It would be handy for keeping in touch with relatives across the country.

Subject: Mom died.

Ryan Castillo said...

I think Chlamydemail has a better flow to it. (pun may or may not have been intended)

Drew said...

Unfortunately, I think this service will primarily be used by jerks like me to play jokes on their friends. I can think of at least 20 people who will be getting anonymous "You've got dick-rot" notices.

Don't worry, you're on the list.

deleted said...

how about.. STDia.. like media.

Buttics said...

You're I'm!