Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Incestus Africanus!

Just a quick post to talk about the most disturbing search that led to somebody finding my website.

Somebody in Nigeria searched Yahoo! for 'grandma loves masturbating in front of her grandsons' and I was the tenth result.

Now, I know I've been accomodating to other searchers by including doctored pictures of Kevin Eubanks shirtless, but I just can't help this person.

My favorite thing about this search is how the word 'loves' is used. It's not just a search for 'grandma masturbating in front of her grandsons,' but she has to love it or it's not a website worth going to. I mean, I've seen thousands of elderly women pleasuring themselves in front of their grandchildren, but most just look bored like they're going through the motions. What I'm looking for is one who thoroughly enjoys it. Those, my friend, are few and far between.

Comic later on today.


eob said...

It's those little touches of love that grandma adds to everything she does, baking, knitting, and dialing O, that make her special.

David Amulet said...

Well, it is form Nigeria, where they birth young ... it could be that "grandma" is a 28 year-old hottie!

-- d.a.