Monday, October 17, 2005

Why Your MySpace Sucks!

For those of you not familiar with, it's a place where millions of people from around the world "network" with their friends and future friends in an orgy of bad html and chubby girls wearing cowboy hats.

What myspace has done that has revolutionized the network-of-friends industry is that they have given the user the ability to customize their personal page in basically whatever manner they want. And, apparently, everybody wants to make their web pages look exactly like the internet circa 1997.

Here is my myspace as a comparison to those you're about to see.

1. There's nothing more effective than a big-ass picture as your background that never moves. It makes things so easy-to-read.

This ogre.
Hawaiian cowboys forever!
Even my own friends aren't immune to this!
I think this guy likes cars.
I HEART MIKE JONES! Whoever Mike Jones is.

2. The more friends you have, the better a person that makes you.

This chick.
Another attention whore.
And, the greatest myspace attention whore of all, Dane Cook.

3. You're awesome with your shirt off.

This douche, who captioned his picture, "yeah abs still on point !"
This guy probably constantly has sex because of his awesome physique!
And it's probably with this guy who has eight pictures on his profile and he's only wearing a shirt in two of them.

4. You took a survey? Please, tell me all about it!

This abortion of a page shows you basically every offense I've talked about so far. It's almost beautiful in its hideousness, like Frankenstein's monster.

5. What kind of music do you like? Oh, never mind. I'll find out in a minute because the nine videos and songs on your page are locking up my computer.

Another guy in my own network.
Holy shit! My computer just slapped me in the face for trying to open that page.

Anyway, you get the point. Stop being such gargantuan douche-holes, people. Just because you have 30,000 "e-friends" doesn't mean anybody actually likes you. Your parents were still right; you're useless. Also, I don't give a fuck about your abs, your 400 pictures embedded in your page of that one time you got to meet Jean Claude Van Damme at a Starbucks, or what kind of fucking Care Bear some survey says you are.

Interesting thought of the day:
Asian people see everything in letterbox.


Carl Click said...

YoU FoRgoT To mEntIoN tEh keWL wAy eVErYonE wRiteS sTUfF!

eob said...

Is it true asian vaginas are landscape, not portrait?

David Amulet said...

I had never even heard of

And having witnessed it via your glorious highlights, I shall never return.

-- d.a.

Anonymous said...

"a place where millions of people from around the world "network".

I think you meant idiots.

Anonymous said...

haha this stuff is so true :P
i kept my page plain and simple. 4 tables going down in row
badd ass no?

Chad said...

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