Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Accidental Touracist!

I need to know if I'm a racist.

Last night, I was with some friends and we were pulling up in front of his apartment complex after we were finished hanging out. It wasn't too late; I work Sundays. So, we pull up and we sit there for a minute saying goodnight--handjob daisy chain, etc.--and when I open my door to get out (I was in the back right), a black guy walks up to the door.

Startled at first, I lock eyes with him. He says, "What's up, homie?" We're friends, awesome. But, I'm still a little weirded out. I pull my door back some and pull my foot inside. I'm seeing what develops because I don't know this guy even though we're instant homies, just add water. Other people in the car are a little confused, too. An audible, "What the fuck?" fills the air.

While I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's happening, the guy starts to reach into his waist area. I close my door quick as hell and lock it; because locked doors stop bullets. My friend's fiance says, "Go! Go!" Before we can pull away, we hear the guy say, "Oh, my bad. Wrong car." I look at him and he had pulled his phone from his waist; he has a laundry basket with him and there's another black Camry a couple of cars behind us with people inside.

Now, either this guy was about to go do laundry and decided to do an impromptu backseat carjacking (a backjacking), or I'm a goddamn racist.

Am I a racist because of this? I know. You're going to say, "No, Kurt. You're racist for other reasons, like your 'That Hitler Sure Was on to Something' diorama you made in fourth grade." Seriously, though. I need to know if I'm a shitty, shitty person (for this, fuckers).


Anonymous said...

Nah, you're not a racist for that. I'd be scared if anyone came up to me reaching for their junk as I was getting out of a car.

Phil said...

I think the real question is, would you have done the same thing if it was whitey who was standing by your car?

Maybe it's growing up in a small town about as ethnically diverse as Mayberry but personally, I'm way more afraid of white people, haha.