Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Super Stumper: Saturday Edition (Written Sunday)!

Yeah. Sorry. Shut up. I'm catching up.

Here's last Friday's Super Stumper.

Rearrange the letters in the following phrase to form my first words as a baby.


There were some good guesses, much more appropriate and funny than that which I originally conceived. They were: I seen tits raped, Trade Penis Site, Penis Aid Street, and my personal favorite, Diet Penis Tears.

I think it says something about my track record here that three of the four responses had the word penis and that all of them were disturbing.

I'm hesitant to say what I actually came up with because these are all better than my answer which was "I eat presidents." Yeah. You all win this one. You all get the trophy for the week.

This week's stumper will be much more straight forward.

A centaur walks into a bar, says something to the bartender, to which the bartender replies by pulling out a gun and pointing it at the centaur. The centaur responds, "Thank you." And exits. How much money was in the centaur's pocket?


eob said...

Centaurs don't have pockets. Old Navy doesn't make 4-legged jeans yet.

Brian said...

Negative the amount of money in the register that he was trying to steal. You know you can't trust those types...