Monday, January 15, 2007


I worked on that title for like five minutes and that's what I came up with, so how about you guys stop judging me and, instead, screw off, hot shots? That's the way Dr. King would have wanted it.

Some more people were hanged in Iraq for being brown and knowing other brown people. But, this one was a little more fun. Saddam's half-brother, Barzan al-Tikriti was hanged, but his shoes were too heavy.

This is how an Iraqi spokesman tried to mend the situation.

So what? His head fell off. It happens all the time. He was old. Old people's heads fall off every day. My grandfather, he was only like 60 at the time, he was at the market, bit into an apple and, next thing you know, his head falls right off.

I saw an episode of "House" like that once, too. There was this girl--a little girl, she was seven--playing on the playground, skipping rope and then her head just fell off into the dirt. It was some sort of Peruvian flu. I don't really remember.

But, honestly, it was just a coincidence. Right as we were going to hang him, his head was all loose and wobbly like those bobbleheads or what would happen if you took all the rings off those African girls' necks. We knew that it was a good possibility. In about five minutes his head was going to fall off anyway. Seriously, dudes.

In conclusion, for reals, you guys, please be cool about this.

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