Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Super Stumper 2!

First, I'll recap last week's question.

A man lies dead in a room. He's covered in paint. There are no doors and one window, but that window is 40 feet in the air. There's a hairbrush, a National Enquirer and a pouch of half-eaten Big League Chew on the ground. In the man's wallet is an unfilled prescription for heart medication. There's a gun in the corner with no bullets fired from it because it's made of chocolate. How did the man die?

Hint: The man is dead.

There were some very good guesses. Phil's was the most well thought out which is to say that he's over-thinking the problem. That's not to say I don't enjoy when the guesses are as convoluted as the problem itself, it's just probably not going to be right.

The actual solution is: The man isn't dead at all! You can't believe everything you read. He's just taking a nap inside his apartment. All of the rest of the descriptions are lies. Boy are you all stupid!

The original answer was going to be natural causes, but Ryan guessed it and, thus, blew that whole thing.

Today's Super Stumper:

Rearrange the letters in the following phrase to form my first words as a baby.


Show your work.


Jimbo the Angry Clown said...

I seen tits raped

it seems you were a black baby living in a rough part of town.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you were raised in the gay part of town, and your first words were just what your boyfriend-daddies were talking about:

Trade Penis Site

Phil said...

Diet Penis Tears!

apparently as a baby you refered to baby gravy as penis tears.

I'm noticing a penis theme.