Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Super Stumper!

When I was in GATE as a child, we would have something every Friday called the Super Stumper. When we got into class, the problem, normally some sort of riddle, would be up on the board and the first one to answer it correctly throughout the day would get to take home the trophy for the weekend.

Well, I answered the last Super Stumper ever, so I got to keep the trophy. Forever. I still fucking have it. I wish any part of that was a lie. Okay, I don't. I'm proud of my Super Stumper trophy.

So, in honor of whatever, I've decided to do that for an indefinite amount of Fridays. Except this is going to be a little different. Instead of a trophy, you all will receive nothing if you answer it correctly. Also, I'm going to make the thing up and it probably won't have a real answer and, if it does, it won't make any sense--like my last blog.

Without any more of that ado-ing, here it is.

A man lies dead in a room. He's covered in paint. There are no doors and one window, but that window is 40 feet in the air. There's a hairbrush, a National Enquirer and a pouch of half-eaten Big League Chew on the ground. In the man's wallet is an unfilled prescription for heart medication. There's a gun in the corner with no bullets fired from it because it's made of chocolate. How did the man die?

Hint: The man is dead.


Jimbo the Angry Clown said...

The way I see it, there are two possible answers to this conundrum:

A.) Bird Flu
2.) Bungee jumping accident

Phil said...

The heart medication prescription is probably a red herring, in fact I'm pretty sure it's for his mom.

What happened was this:

He read an article about "counter-cultures" in the national geographic anddecided he wanted to be in the blue-man group, painted himself up, then tried to remember how they did their hair while chewing some gum. Suddenly it occured to him: the guys in the blue man group don't have hair! At which point he went to yell, "Awww fuck I don't have any clippers!" but instead he inhaled half a package of big league chew and just made some gurgling noises. Thinking to shoot himself before he suffocated he pulled out his gun, only to realize it was chocolate, throwing it in the corner, he dies.

Ry-Ry said...

Died of Natural Causes