Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's Raining Men!

A Long Island Special Education teacher found an unpleasant surprise yesterday morning when she looked into her backyard and saw a human leg. Apparently she heard a loud bang as the leg slammed into her roof after plummetting from the wheelwell of a South African Airlines jet where, presumably, a stowaway was trying to hitch a ride.

Authorities assured the woman that it fell in her backyard because "she is doing the Devil's work by teaching them retards to read and talk."

From the article:

"I guess it was some poor soul who dreamed to look for his freedom," [the lady who found the body] said. "I'm hoping he wasn't in much pain."

Yeah. Having your body ripped apart at 30,000 feet is equal to a tummy ache in the pain department.

If he really wanted to get out of Africa, he should have come over by ship like all the rest. That worked out well for them.

Interesting thought of the day:
I cheat at CandyLand with color blind children. "It's not red, it's green, bitch! Now get your mommy to change your diaper because your shit stink is giving me a headache. Damn."

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Anonymous said...

you are missing an important clue, sir! she heard it at 7am, but went to work . . . and found it when she returned home at 10:30am? I WANT THAT JOB! what does she do, wake the retards up, then leave?