Thursday, June 23, 2005

This Is Why They Call It 'Men'struating!

Because men are supposed to do it.

A 15-year-old boy in some place in India (I think, I don't care enough to actually look up where Kolkata is--sounds like a poor and/or retarded man's Calcutta [double-parenthesis, this is a first--isn't Calcutta the poor man's Calcutta?] is menstruating. For those that don't know, menstruating is what it's called when a woman's vagina becomes filled with bees.

The article talks about how his behaviour (goddamn Queen's English) and traits are like a woman. This kid officially now has won the title of the gayest boy in the world! Congratulations! May your vagina-y penis shine with the light of Vishnu!

It also mentions how he didn't tell anybody he was menstruating for a while. So, your wiener is dripping blood? Make sure you keep it a secret from everybody. It's probably no big deal.

If my penis even sneezed, I would take it to the doctor right away. Or I would show it off at parties.

Interesting thought of the day:
If Princess Diana's nickname was Lady Live, she probably wouldn't be dead right now. It was a stockpile of bad karma that offed her.


Anonymous said...

You never closed the first set of parenthesis! It completely blew the first paragraph for me. Long time reader, first time poster. Best blog around!

Kurt said...